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Whole Food Plant-based, WFPB Diet is a dietary approach proposed by Dr. Colin Campbell, an American authority on biochemical nutrition. Dr. Campbell discovered that adopting a whole food plant-based diet can effectively reduce the risk of the following diseases. And even reverse disease:

  1. Lower risk of prostate, breast, and other cancers

  2. Prevent, even reverse, heart disease

  3. Prevent and treat diabetes

  4. Achieve a healthy body weight and increase your energy levels

  5. Live longer
    And much more!


Keep it simple—eat whole, unprocessed foods derived from plants.

Our association is based on the concept of promoting a whole food plant-based diet, and is aware that the elderly in Taiwan spend an average of 8.5 years in bed/pain before they die! In order to improve this phenomenon, improve national health, and reduce the burden of health insurance costs, we provide "Whole Food Plant-based Certification" services for restaurants or foods to help restaurants/foods become more in line with whole food certification. The concept of healthy food also allows people to quickly identify meals/foods that meet their needs through the certification mark when dining/purchasing, thereby leading to a healthier, longer, and happier life.



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