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21 days health challenge

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A three-week celebrity-led online vegetarian activity hosted by the American Association of Responsible Physicians (PCRM). The 21-Day Health Challenge is a fun and completely free educational activity that encourages participants to try a healthy plant-based diet in just three weeks. The organizer is the American Association of Responsible Physicians, a non-profit organization. The Association of Responsible Physicians was founded by Dr. Neil Barnard in 1985 and currently has 125,000 members who are engaged in medical work. His work focuses on the popularization of nutritional knowledge and clinical research, and is one of the main promoting organizations in the field of preventive medicine in the United States. This 21-day online challenge is based on the latest scientific research and provides you with all the necessary support to help you increase energy, reduce weight, prevent and reverse diabetes and heart disease, and reduce the risk of cancer.

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