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Our focus is specifically on promoting a Whole Foods Plant-Based lifestyle (WFPB). 
Plants being all types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, roots and tubers, nuts, seeds, legumes, sea and water vegetables. We completely eschew animal products of any kind, including mollusks, insects, land and sea animals, and their secretions, and body parts;

Whole food meaning the above natural plant food components are consumed more closely to the way in which they were grown, with a minimal amount of processing. Processing referring mainly to the forms used by the modern food industry such as refining, the addition of preservatives and chemicals, or the use of chemically or technologically fabricated concoctions, including genetic modifications. 

A Lifestyle of WFPB refers to the totality of awareness around the choice to eat and live in this way. We choose plants instead of animals because of wishing to cause less harm to sentience (Yes, we acknowledge that plants feel and sense too, but it is a far less painful experience than what animals have – until we can all live on sun and oxygen). Therefore in a simple statement, our mindset is to ‘minimalize suffering and pain’ through our own need to survive, and the absolute majority of human life on earth can survive on a plant-based diet. 

A WFPB Lifestyle also considers better practices for the environment such as replacing plastic, recycling and reducing, organic and permaculture styled farming practices, eating more locally, and so on. We support a community that supports the concept and are inclusive as much as possible to different preferences within our WFPB approach. This WFPB Lifestyle is one of health and wellbeing, therefore includes educational and resource aspects of personal health practices such as exercise, stress management better sleep practices, and so forth.

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